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How innovation can boost the Construction Industry’s ranks

Posted: 3rd October 2023

Hayden Allen-Vercoe

Chief Operating Officer

Orbital Global Group

As with almost every industry in the UK, uncertainty around the impact of AI, a shrinking workforce, Brexit and a range of other complex challenges, means we struggle to recruit into our industry. Extensive articles and reports show that construction, in particular is an industry lacking a pipeline of new talent and skills, particularly when considering diversity. (fascinating read from the CITBs ‘New perspectives on recruitment to the construction industry’ report -

Whilst the challenge of recruitment is not exclusive to the Construction Industry, it is exasperated due to changes in attitude, social culture, a growing diversity, and greater competition from other sectors, such as manufacturing and engineering.

We also need to state that additional challenges are dampening essential careers advice too. Typically career advice starts far too late, 75% of schools have insufficient careers funding, and existing advice lacks independence and is biased towards academic routes.

So, what’s the answer?

Simply put, ‘ATTRACTION’.

How can we inspire and attract our increasingly diverse population of young people, as well as those seeking a change in career direction, to review the massive expanse of opportunity we offer in the Construction Industry?

We were recently approached by a SME who are working specifically on this challenge, and within the Construction Industry. Importantly, they’ve invested the time in understanding how our young people’ consume content, and defined an innovative solution that aligns to this shift.

Their ‘(Get the) Scoop’ platform solution uses interactive video shot in the workplace, and engaging storylines to allow the candidate to visually navigate a typical day in the life of any profession, and in under 10 minutes. Each role simulation is produced in both virtual reality (with VR headsets - ideal for careers fairs) as well as in 2D, accessible by anyone with an internet connection. The ability for the user to make choices throughout their experience provides an exciting, intuitive, and highly engaging opportunity to inspire and attract candidates, who are likely serious about a specific career path in Construction. Additionally, each experience shares key knowledge that aligns to GATSBY benchmarks, including career progression, salaries, qualifications etc.

With a mission to produce 500 such career resources in just 4 years (across all industries), the team are already underway with a number of career simulations, working alongside the likes of the CITB.

Are you interested in learning more, or getting involved in this innovative career resource designed to inspire more young people to the Construction Industry?

Please contact to learn more.

Hayden Allen-Vercoe

Chief Operating Officer

Orbital Global Group

Hayden is the COO of Orbital Global Group who have created an interactive platform to showcase careers in the construction sector.