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CIC Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Regional Committee (also known as Construction Professionals’ Council for Northern Ireland) is based in Belfast and meets seven times a year.

The Construction Professionals Council for Northern Ireland (CPCNI) represents 19 professional bodies, with over 9,000 members collectively, in the construction sector in Northern Ireland. We represent the Construction Industry Council (CIC) in Northern Ireland. Roger Gillespie is the current Chair.

CPCNI is working for the greater good of the construction industry and we want to work with the Northern Ireland Executive to help deliver the initiatives that they are putting in place.

Economic context

The latest available quarterly figures for the NI construction Industry is £882.4m for Oct. to Dec. 2021, which represents 8% of NI economic activity (source NISRA).

CPCNI’s vision statement

- to see a first class construction industry developed through continual improvement, innovation and training in all its parts and building a culture of best quality, efficient delivery and value for money

- to see the construction industry promoted as an attractive and rewarding career choice, where skill and talent are developed and retention of personnel is key, all contributing to making NI an appealing place to invest, develop, live and work

- to see the construction industry play its part in aiding the economic recovery, particularly in the wake of the covid pandemic and the various ongoing economic pressures

- to establish a good working relationship, including agile decision making, with central and local government, acting in advisory role, all as a key component of the procurement process of public projects

- have fit for purpose statutory and regulatory authorities that operate in a timely fashion

CPCNI key asks

Climate Change

  • Reduction of embodied carbon and incentivise net zero design implementation
  • Reduction of energy demand
  • Increase renewable energy supply
  • Ensure requirement for whole life carbon assessments for new buildings and major renovations are included in the Building Regulations

Following the introduction of the Climate Change (No. 2) Bill (NI), CPCNI stands ready to work with the NI Executive to ensure decarbonising targets, as set out in the Bill, are pursued. This will necessitate implementing the CIC Professional Institution’s Climate Action Plan and assisting government to develop and implement policy.

Education, Training and Development

  • Collaborate with schools, colleges and universities to ensure industry requirements are integrated into graduate and apprenticeship training programmes.

A long-term strategic plan and delivery programme for skills training across all sectors of the construction industry needs to be immediately put in place. Promoting and ensuring the industry in Northern Ireland has a robust and resilient supply of talent is essential and the need to encourage public and private sector to invest more in training and development needs to be at the forefront this endeavour.

CPCNI is committed to providing an interface with universities and colleges to ensure those coming into the industry have the relevant talent and skills and which will help to promote careers in construction as rewarding industry to work in.

It is important to champion the development of modern methods of construction, such as off-site construction, to help address labour and material shortages as well as ensuring efficiencies, higher quality, improved health and safety and sustainable business activities.

It will be necessary to encourage sustainable supply chain development as the Northern Ireland industry adapts to the changing business environment e.g. Brexit / NI Protocol.

Technical Excellence and Standards

  • Promote, maintain and ensure best working practices and standards within our industry.

Develop long-term government policies, in collaboration with the Construction Professions, to ensure both quality, standards, including adoption of best working practices, and digital innovations are successfully applied.

This will include ongoing review of:

  • NI Building Regulations
  • Fire Safety Legislation
  • CDM Regulations
  • Building Safety Bill
  • Regulations updating to reflect Net Zero Carbon design for new buildings and major renovations
  • Planning and implementing digital twins technology for public building and infrastructure stock

A Modern Public Procurement System

  • Province wide planning policies
  • Re-planning of our cities and towns
  • Fitness for purpose of Planning Service, Building Control, etc.
  • Focus on quality and value for money rather than lowest price
  • Pursue agile decision-making in central and local government procurement
  • Tailor solutions for the Northern Ireland economy
  • Enhance project delivery
  • Planning for the future

Investment in Infrastructure

  • Encourage timely investment and delivery of infrastructure to ensure project delivery is enabled.

The Northern Ireland needs a long-term strategy with planned investment in infrastructure, which include fundamental systems and services needed to support an economy e.g. transport, communications, energy, sewer and water services.

List of the member Organisations of the Professionals Council 2023/2024:

  • ACE (NI) Association for Consulting Engineering
  • APM Association for Project Management
  • APS Association for Project Safety
  • CABE Chartered Association of Building Engineers
  • CIAT Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists
  • CIOB Chartered Institute of Building
  • CIBSE Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers
  • CIHT Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation
  • Conc. Soc. The Concrete Society
  • CSANI Construction Surveyors Association of NI
  • ICE Institution of Civil Engineers
  • ICES Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors
  • IEI Institute of Engineers of Ireland
  • IMechE Institute of Mechanical Engineers
  • I Struct E Institution of Structural Engineers
  • IOSH Institution of Occupational Safety & Health
  • LI Landscape Institute
  • RICS Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • RTPI Royal Town Planning Institution
  • RSUA Royal Society of Ulster Architects

CPCNI 25th AGM Report

On 10 April 2024 CPCNI held its 25th AGM at Malone House, Belfast. The AGM was followed by the 144th Board meeting and concluded in a member organisation’s dinner, at which the various Chairs’ of each organisation was given the opportunity to set out their individual challenges and current hot topics. It was attended by 27 members who, not only participated but, enjoyed a convivial meal and exchanged a wide range of opinions of the current state of the construction of industry. At the AGM Nouman Qadir (CIOB) took over the role of treasurer from Sean Maguire (APS). On behalf of all the CPCNI members, the chair Roger Gillespie thanked Sean for his service over the last number of years. Also the Board approved the CPCNI membership of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), Chris Bryson Northern Ireland Chair addressed the meeting.