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Anglo-German Construction Law Platform Seminar

This event has finished

10.00am – 5.00pm

Breyer Rechtsanwälte Office | Mainzer Landstr. | 51, 60329 | Frankfurt

The AGCLP (Anglo-German Construction Law Platform) in conjunction with King’s College (London) are proud to present the seminar “Good faith under German and English construction law – does reality reflect the ideal?”

The AGCLP was created late 2013 by leading lawyers, judges, academics and professionals from Germany and the UK specializing in the field of transnational construction law. A gap has always existed in the flow of construction law knowledge between the Common and Civil Law systems (being represented by English and German law, respectively) which have in turn influenced other national legal systems around the world. Thus the AGCLP was created to provide a working platform for discussing practical construction law issues between the 2 jurisdictions in order to foster an academic and professional exchange on transnational construction law.

Good faith is “bread and butter” under German law (and many other Civil law systems) however in England there is no requirement for good faith in a contract, or is there, and is it that straight forward in Germany? In this seminar the AGCLP will examine the historic struggle with good faith in English law, how this is played out in German Construction law and the wider European perspective. This seminar will be very helpful and necessary in raising awareness for any lawyer or construction professional in transnational construction law.

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