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CIC SmartWorking Showcase Webinar

This event has finished

9.30am – 10.30am

This workshop is being run but Smarter Not Harder (SNH) is aimed at senior level decision makers managing medium to large teams who want their employees to work smarter and be more productive.

How often do you hear people saying, “There’s just not enough hours in the day”?

Numerous factors influence our productivity at work including our environment, the technology at our fingertips and the way we feel. Each of these factors can have either a positive or negative impact on how much work we get done. Working in an office can be great for socialising, collaboration & creating a buzz but on the other hand it can also make it difficult to concentrate. Similarly, technology such as e-mail and other collaboration platforms can provide us with instant communication but may also mean we receive a continuous stream of interruptions. The point is this, to be both productive & satisfied at work we need to find a healthy balance.

SNH’s goal is to help people achieve more in less time without removing any of the enjoyment or compromising the quality of the work they do. We help them to work smarter (not harder) and in doing so aim to save them a minimum of 3 days per month. Imagine what you could do with an extra 3 days per month?

The SNH SmartWorking programme does this by providing you with a range of simple, easy to implement, tried & tested tools which form the foundation of first-class time management (in this “always on” digital age). Most people see immediate results and typically achieve a significant improvement within a matter of weeks.

Due to interactive nature of this event places are limited to 25 so please click here to register. There will be a waiting list in operation so we will have your details to contact you regarding future Smarter Not Harder Workshops.

Introduction, Aims & Agenda

  • The value of ‘SmartWorking’
  • The Holiday Phenomenon exercise
  • Characteristics of high productivity
  • The Personal Productivity Quick Quiz (reflection & personal productivity goals)
  • The value of lists, the 8 common mistakes people make when planning
  • The VITAL tool for daily planning
  • Summary
  • The SNH SmartWorking full programme (what else do we cover*? what is the ROI?)
  • Q&A

*The showcase will not have time to cover the following which would be covered in more detail in the full programme (this will be explained in the session):

  • Managing meetings and preventing ‘back to back’ meeting marathons
  • Breaks – why they are vital, why they are ‘a danger zone’ and best practice guidance
  • Teamworking and how to support one another’s productivity
  • Email strategy and how to get to a zero inbox every day
  • Outlook / Gmail tips & shortcuts
  • Calendar management
  • Understanding, minimising & handling ‘Interruptions & distractions’
  • Additional interactive sessions
  • Follow up coaching

By participating in this programme you will not only become more productive but start to feel more in control, more relaxed and have the skills needed to maintain a healthy work/life balance.