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Climate Adaptation & Resilience: Multi-sector Innovations in Water Management Webinar

3rd July 2024 | 12:30 PM

A changing climate disrupts water patterns, leading to increased risk of flooding, drought, and coastal erosion. This multidisciplinary webinar will explore innovative strategies for navigating this complex challenge. With a panel of experts from various fields, we will discuss collaboration to develop effective and holistic water management solutions. From nature-based solutions to flood modelling practices, the webinar will provide a comprehensive exploration of building resilience in a water-stressed future.

This one hour webinar will includes three speakers and aims to inform attendees about the work being carried out, break down silos between disciplines working in climate adaptation and resilience and share knowledge on water management and coastal erosion.


  • Ian Boyd - Environmental consultant and Ecological management at Arc Biodiversity
  • Jennifer Collins - Geomorphologist at Wild Environmental
  • Steven Velegrinis - Design Director at Gensler ME

To register for this free webinar please click here.

About the organisers:

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) Climate Change Committee brings together volunteer experts from over 40 UK membership organisations in the built and natural environment sectors, all of which have signed up to take part in the Carbon Zero climate action plan for Professional Institutions. Workstream 8 (WS8) is convened under this Committee and focuses on adaptation and resilience.

Led by the Landscape Institute, WS8 explores the three main themes of water, biodiversity and urban heat which play a pivotal role in climate resilience, adaptation and mitigation.