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DQI Training Courses

This event has finished

Each project using DQI requires a DQI leader to champion the process and to work with the facilitator to achieve the best results. The DQI leader should be a member of the project team and the most successful applications of DQI and DQI for Schools have a highly competent and proactive individual acting as DQI leader and supporting the facilitator. Particularly within the DQI for Schools toolkit, now mandatory in the government’s Building Schools for the Future programme, the role of the DQI leader has become ever more important in ensuring early stakeholder engagement and embedding the DQI for Schools process into the project plan.
In December 2007, CIC introduced a new 1 day training course for Local Authority clients, advisors and design champions covering what DQI is and how to maximise its usefulness for their organisation and projects.

Malcolm Hopkins of Devon County Council said of the course:
“I found the course very informative and enjoyable. With the expanding capital programme the use of the DQI for Schools toolkit will be increasingly used to build the project team and inform the briefing and design process. The course added to the officers understanding of the tool and the objectives for driving design and product quality. Everyone grew in confidence that previous experience was well founded but that further value could be obtained from better leadership and a well managed process”
Sue Moore of Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council said of the course:
“As a Local Authority Client I found the course very informative and useful, it has given me a very good understanding of the process and will help me in setting overall project aspirations”

DQI Facilitator Courses
CIC continue to provide courses for those wishing to train as DQI facilitators. In March 2007 CIC introduced a new, comprehensive 1st stage training programme to the facilitator course, a 1 day event to learn about when and how to use the DQI and DQI for Schools tools online toolkits. The event starts with a site visit, and is a mixture of presentations, practical debate and online exercises.
The current DQI Facilitator register has 87 construction professionals and clients all of whom have undertaken training and ability assessed. To view the current register, please