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Fire Protection of Structural Steel

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Fire protection to structural steelwork plays an essential role in ensuring that buildings will not collapse prematurely in the event of a fire, providing time for the occupants to escape and for the fire service to obtain access.

Traditionally, ‘fire protection’, comprising non-combustible boards and/or cementitious sprays is applied to insulate the frame. However, reactive coatings (intumescent paints) have also become much more popular.

This webinar will provide an overview of the different types of protection available for structural steel and provides advice on how to select an appropriate system. It will also offer best practice guidance on design, installation and maintenance. It will also introduce ASFP best practice guidance related to structural steel protection – particularly the ASFP Yellow Book: Fire protection for structural steel in buildings, 5th Edition, (Volume 1 of 2), which offers guidance on proprietary materials and systems.

The webinar will be of interest to all involved in the manufacture, specification, purchase,
commissioning or maintenance of steel protection products. It will also offer useful guidance to inspection authorities, risk assessors, facilities managers and business owners.

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