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Flood Defence And Prevention Expo

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December sees an all-new exhibition and conference tackling the problems of flooding in the UK head on. Dedicated to supporting all professionals working in flood prevention, management and recovery, the first ever Flood Defence And Prevention Expo will be held at ExCeL London on the 4th and 5th December 2014. Book your FREE ticket now at

Flood Defence & Prevention Expo is both a problem solving conference and a solutions exhibition that will feature many of the world’s leading flood prevention companies as exhibitors, alongside an extensive seminar and workshop schedule highlighting new, cost-effective ways to prevent and manage floods. Visitors will find the latest research, products and solutions on the marketplace to help minimise – or even better, entirely avoid – the risk of potential flooding.

This remarkable exhibition is set to be the largest flood prevention expo in the world when it debuts at ExCeL London this December. Visitors to Flood Defence & Prevention Expo will find a show floor that is absolutely packed with the very latest solutions for every stage of flood prevention, defence and recovery, from cutting edge modelling software to innovative barrier technology and water disposal.

If you are looking for innovative solutions to the problem of flooding, then this is where you will find them. Flood Defence & Prevention Expo gives you the chance to speak in person with the minds behind these solutions to understand their potential and explore your options first-hand. With many practical demo sessions – including live presentations of technology and hardware on the Thames – as well as the opportunity to get hands-on with new technology, there is no better place to assess your future flood strategy.

In addition to the amazing exhibition, the comprehensive conference schedule will include every aspect of water management, from forestry and soft-engineered flood alleviation schemes in the upper reaches of rivers, to dredging lower down, as well as drainage and improved resilience for property in high risk areas. This is your opportunity to further develop your understanding of the disparate sectors concerned with flooding and their contribution to a complete solution.

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