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FT Future of Construction Summit

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Digital transformation within the construction industry is imperative and no longer an option. However, many in the sector still find themselves stuck in the slow lane, as a consequence of internal resistance to change, an unyielding leadership mindset, budget constraints, skills shortages and a very fragmented environment.

These barriers to digital transformation must be overcome to ensure the construction industry can effectively catch up with technological innovation and digitalisation, thus creating new business models that embrace productive, collaborative and profitable strategies. With the utilisation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology fast becoming the industry standard, what’s next in the digital roadmap? What impact will additive manufacturing, robotics, automation, drones, artificial intelligence or the IoT have on the way in which building projects are planned, funded, designed and delivered? How will digital transformation help accelerate collaboration in the construction supply chain? Which cultural environment will enable real change?

The FT Future of Construction Summit will bring together developers, planners, architects, engineers, contractors, material and solution providers, and other key stakeholders pivotal in the global construction supply chain to explore best strategies and solutions to embrace digital transformation for a more productive and profitable future.

All registered conference delegates are welcome to join the FT for an informal pre-conference drinks reception on May 15th.

For further ifnormation or to regsiter for the summit clcik here, CIC is also delighted to be able to offer a discount code for this event by using CIC10 during the registration process.