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Never mind the bollards...

This event has finished

9am – 4pm
The Army Museum, York

The aim of this conference is to explore the ways in which our built environment has developed and continues to develop strategies that respond to safety and security risks, and how we, as construction professionals, can work together to create safe yet welcoming spaces. What this conference is not about is bomb blast bollards and barriers, but rather an interrogation of new threats, what we can learn from past threats and what we can do to defend the future.

Security in the UK: the impact of defence on place making

Many of our historic cities developed because of their defensive position, but changes in threats have made these urban areas look less like refuges and more like the targets. How has modern day urban planning responded and is there a way that we can bring sanctuary back to our cities?

Teenage Kicks? In defence of public space

Is it possible to design urban spaces that are all embracing and inclusive to the wider society in which we live, yet remain safe and welcoming?

Complete Control: Intelligent buildings and digital security

The development of the concept of intelligent buildings is leading to significant shifts in the way buildings are designed, operated and used. But could this reliance on digital technology backfire?

Military Sounds in the Suburbs: Military innovation for civilian problems

Can we utilise the armed forces incredible skills in design and engineering for emergency situations to overcome peacetime problems?

London Manchester Calling: Building a resilient city

Reflecting on the 1996 IRA attack in Manchester and its influence on the masterplanning of the city.

Delegate Rates

  • ​£35 Early Bird (until 1st September)
  • £55 Delegates (after 1st September)
  • £25 students

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