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New Localism, Decarbonisation & the Future of Cities

This event has finished

1.00pm – 2.30pm

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on current travel, social interaction and carbon. This webinar will provide insights of what this could mean for the future, particularly focusing on localism in our communities and cities.

In this free webinar our panel will discuss the long-term impacts that localism of working, shopping and social activities may have on transport, the future of cities and the wider carbon challenge.

This will include:

  1. What localism looks like from a place, transport and carbon perspective
  2. How we retain and build on the recent carbon reduction and increase active travel we have seen in cities
  3. What the long term impact on transport and carbon in cities could be
  4. How our approach to transport need to change to further support this new localism and embed decarbonisation
  5. What tools we already have or will need to support this new approach

To register for free click here.