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Smart ways to manage remote teams

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Following the challenges COVID has brought to the world of work, many businesses needed to make a necessary tactical shift to ‘working from home’ but with sights now set on the long-term, an opportunity has now emerged for many businesses to offer their people ‘flexible’ or ‘hybrid’ working options as a permanent and strategic approach.

  • How do you effectively manage or lead people remotely?
  • What’s the simplest, easiest & quickest way to successfully implement remote or hybrid working strategy?
  • How do you help your team maintain or improve their productivity to make it a real success?

This free 75 minute workshop is packed full of great content to stimulate and accelerate those small changes that can make a big difference when managing remotely. It will provide a boost, and hopefully a few light bulb moments, to get you and your team to the place you want in a very short space of time.

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