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South West BIM Hub Event

This event has finished

4.15 to 6.15 pm, at The Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, 6 East, The University of Bath, BA2 7AY

There will be ample free parking, and refreshments will be provided. Directions can be found here.

“This house believes that BIM is in danger of becoming the bureaucratic servant who ousts the creative master.”

This is an opportunity for everyone with an interest in or concerns about the directions in which BIM may be taking the construction industry. Is BIM reducing design to an assembling of parts from a catalogue, or is it enabling a faster, freer, more creative and imaginative design process? Is BIM all about cutting costs, or is it a means to focus on the real needs of clients and society?

Whatever your views or concerns, we are inviting you to come and join the debate! Would you like to speak? We are allowing only very short, punchy contributions of three minutes maximum, supported by PowerPoint slides sent to us in advance, so that as many as possible can contribute. Would you like to display drawings or other material? We will be in the Crit Room, where drawings can be pinned up to inspire discussion – perhaps showing how BIM CAN be used, or perhaps showing what could not possibly be done with BIM.
After an introduction, short presentations, and an open debate, we will have time to look at work on display and discuss informally, before reconvening to hear closing addresses and a summing-up by the Chair of the Session, Paul Fletcher.

Our aim is that this debate will help inform the development of BIM in practice, and allow a public articulation of what we want BIM to do for designers, for the construction industry, and for society.

If you would like to come, and especially if you would like to contribute, please email Claire Hogg.