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Stimulating BIM Seminar Series - Birmingham

This event has finished

The Stimulating BIM Seminar Series are FREE events designed to move beyond the promotion of BIM. It assumes the arrival of BIM and considers challenges which need to be addressed for the industry’s success. It is hoped for a wide consultant and contractor attendance to foster collaboration and critical comment.

All seminars will involve a 30 minute presentation followed by an expert panel discussion and interaction with the audience. They take place at Millennium Point, Birmingham B4 7XG at 5.30pm for 6pm to 7pm You can register for your place at the event here.

Managing what BIM does not do
The seminar explores the reality of managing BIM and its adoption. BIM is a tool for organisations and people and so the approach to project delivery is critical. With a focus on how people interact with BIM it reveals what BIM cannot do and what is needed to deliver the full advantages of BIM. Examples will be given of where the use of BIM is problematic and how this was dealt with in the human-computer interaction. Software developments will increase the knowledge possibilities but there will always be a gap which the organisation will have to deal with. The session will consider ways of determining these gaps and show how these are managed currently. It will also consider ways that this management can be improved so that BIM enabled projects work more effectively across a greater range of organisations and maturity levels.

This event is run in partnership with Birmingham City University, CIC West Midlands Regional Committee, Birmingham Best Practice Club and the West Midlands BIM Hub.