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Sustainable User Innovation in Residential Buildings

This event has finished

10am – 11am

This Webinar provided by Liz Varga will look at the following:

Sustainable User Innovation in Residential Buildings

Learning Objectives

  • To articulate a footprint measurement for sustainable lifestyles based around households
  • To state a variety of interdependencies between residential buildings, energy, mobility and food systems
  • To demonstrate a range of sustainable user innovation roles
  • To provide case studies of sustainable user innovation noting explicit assumptions on active engagement
  • To discuss the effect of policy interventions on sustainable innovation take up
  • To empathise with a modeller’s perspective on household sustainability assessment
  • To distinguish the importance of context by showing how sustainable user innovation does not have the same outcomes in a range of countries across the world
  • To examine validity and uncertainty when modelling and attempting to assess future complex systems

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