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The ‘I’ in BIM: How Does BIM Work?

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The ‘I’ in BIM
The ‘I’ in BIM workshop and debate series is constructed to give a holistic explanation of BIM in its current state as an industry game-changer. Mike Olive has a specialist interest in systems efficiency and applies this expertise to his development of BIM applications. The three sessions that he leads here will approach the subject from varied high level and applied viewpoints.

  • How does BIM/ifc work
  • BIM making the Business Case
  • Application of BIM as a business and environmental sustainability toolset
  • 1. How does BIM work?*
    In this first session, Mike Olive lays the foundation for understanding BIM at a fundamental level. He will address questions about the nature of BIM as a working tool for the industry and deconstruct the core principles that make up a BIM workflow.

Mike Olive – Prism Performance
Mike is an information architect; mechanical engineering architect in the automotive industry; data, applications and solutions architect in the top tier IT industry; low energy, low carbon performance architectural designer in the construction industry, all contributing to the holistic information required to help solve the needs of a 21st century sustainable business. “Information engineering has taught me what I need to know in order to find out how things work and architecture has taught me how to disrupt and express it. Information Performance is not an afterthought, but a by-product of engineering by design”.

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