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The Importance of Inclusive PPE

30th May 2024 | 12:00 PM

We shall cover background on PPE, where we are now and how to get involved. BSIF will look at non-compliant PPE and the RSS Scheme.

This is a joint venture between CIOB, NAWIC North West & NAWIC Yorkshire.

Katy Robinson is the Campaign Manager for the National Association of Women in Construction Yorkshire (NAWIC Yorkshire) and is currently leading the PPE campaign to address the widespread inequalities, in PPE provision and design, among minority groups across the construction industry, and beyond.

In this session Katy will talk about:

  • The history of PPE and where the inequalities stem from;
  • Effects of ill-fitting PPE;
  • Progress so far and;
  • How you can get involved.

The BSIF will share details on the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme and issues around non-compliant PPE.

Click here to reserve your FREE spot to this online session, a TEAMS invite will be shared so you can join us live on the day.