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2050 Group Survey; Future Proofing the industry

Posted: 29th January 2019

The CIC 2050 Group undertook an industry-wide survey (2017) which looked at attitudes and perceptions towards the construction industry and built environment, to find out more about the challenges we face and to raise awareness of issues in the construction industry.

The survey has reaffirmed amongst other things; that although those in the industry have a positive impression of working in the industry there is still a huge skills gap in the construction industry which is largely attributable to the image and perception of the industry:

  • 76% of respondents stating that they believe they are able to make a positive difference to the industry.
  • 80% of respondents would also recommend the construction industry as good industry to join.
  • 66% in the survey admitted they didn’t have clear expectations of what working in the industry would be like.

This is recognised in the joint government/industry Construction 2025 strategy (published in 2013), which devotes a whole section to improving the sector’s image; and although there are many excellent industry programmes and schemes in place to address this, the post Grenfell disaster public perception is now at an all-time low.

The Grenfell disaster, very much in the public eye, has further emphasised that there are deep rooted issues within the industry, and that a cultural shift is fundamentally required.

Armed with these results, the CIC2050 Group is stepping up and taking action by working with our peers to drive cultural change within the industry and to change how the industry is perceived by young people and by the general public; by developing a range of initiatives to represent, promote, engage, educate and support young people in the industry to ensure the construction industry and built environment is fit for purpose and continues to be a vital player in the UK economy.

Eoin Burns, CIC 2050 Group representative said of the survey: The CIC 2050 Group 2017 survey has been designed to essentially to look to the future especially in the context of the younger generation entering the built environment/construction industry as a career. This survey follows on the back of the successful previous CIC 2050 Group Survey, where this current survey has been streamlined to have a more topical focus on particular aspects affecting the built environment/construction industry. The survey respondents have garnered both negative and positive findings in which it shall encourage us to continue to work together to improve our built environment/construction industry as a career of choice for the younger generation and make it fit for purpose, playing an essential role in the British economy and positively impact on the quality of lives of all"

The 2050 Group comprises dynamic industry young professionals, who represent a wide range of disciplines across the built environment. The group was established in 2010 to feed into the Innovation and Growth Team review led by the Construction Industry Council and Paul Morrell, Chief Construction Advisor to the Government at the time for further information.

To download the 2050 Group Survey report please click here