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BSI launch second consultation on competence standard

Posted: 14th January 2021

BSI has launched the second consultation on a new standard called Built environment – Overarching framework for building safety competence of individuals – Specification. The consultation closes on 2 February 2021. To read the draft standrad and share your views, please click here.

This BSI Flex specifies requirements for sector-specific competence frameworks for individuals working in the built environment. It is intended to support the development of an overarching framework for oversight of building safety competence of individuals including encouraging the development and application of core building safety competences in practice. Organizational and team competence is discussed as the context within which individual competence needs to be assured but is itself out of scope of this BSI Flex.

It is broadly relevant to any sector-specific competence framework relating to roles involving the specification, design, manufacture, procurement, construction, inspection, assessment, management, operation, maintenance, refurbishment and demolition of buildings.

This includes technical and non-technical roles, and individuals working under their own authority as well as under the supervision of other competent individuals. It is also intended to span a wide range of levels of competence from basic awareness to very detailed application by subject specialists.

This standard is not intended to replace existing professional, technical or vocational training or competence frameworks and does not set out all of the specific requirements for any given sector-specific framework.

However, where individuals are being assessed for building safety competence it is expected that the sector-specific frameworks against which they are assessed will demonstrate conformity with the core requirements and core competences set out in this standard relevant to the role, function or task being undertaken.

The requirements and competences set out in the specification are relevant to all types of built environment activity but are intended to be contextualized within sector-specific competence frameworks or to allow assessment in relation to specific types of buildings or activities e.g. higher-risk buildings.

This BSI Flex is of particular relevance to organizations with ownership or responsibility for the development, maintenance or application of sector-specific competence frameworks for built environment roles, functions or tasks. This includes but is not limited to individuals involved in the specification, design, manufacture, procurement, construction, inspection, assessment, management, operation, maintenance, refurbishment and demolition of buildings.

This BSI Flex is also relevant to regulated or duty-holding roles with statutory responsibilities such as:

  • principal designers;
  • principal contractors;
  • designers;
  • contractors;
  • building safety managers; and
  • building control professionals.

NOTE 1 The list above is not exhaustive therefore this British Standard may be relevant to other groups or roles.

NOTE 2 Responsibility for ensuring that sector-specific frameworks are kept up to date rests with the authors of those frameworks given that the scope of regulation and duty-holding roles is likely to change over time.

This BSI Flex is intended to be used by professional groups, trade associations, trades or any other group from relevant built environment actors looking to develop or achieve recognition for a relevant competence framework. It is anticipated that those frameworks will then be subject to review by a committee on industry competence working under the aegis of the Building Safety Regulator.

This BSI Flex will be of specific interest to assessment bodies who might be tasked with assessment of competence of individuals against any sector-specific competence framework.