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CIC and RICS South East join South East England Regional Assembly

Posted: 19th July 2006

Following a request from the CIC Regional Committee, CIC South East formerly became a member of the South East England Regional Assembly (SEERA) on 12 July 2006 at SEERA’s Annual Meeting held in Hove , West Sussex .

The South East England Regional Assembly is the representative voice of the region. It is comprised of 112 members who include elected councilors who are nominated by the region’s local authorities. A number of sectors working in the region are also represented such as environmental groups, business and economic partners and faith communities. The Assembly exists to advise and promote the South East’s interests to Government on regional issues such as regional planning, housing priorities and sustainable development.

The Assembly provides a forum for regional debate with hot topics at the Annual Meeting being the development of the Regional Economic Strategy by SEEDA (South East England Development Agency), the presentation of the SEEDA Annual Report and a discussion about the impact of the Diamonds for Growth initiative on rural communities. This initiative concentrates on eight ‘city-regions’ in the South East which have been identified as the focus for growth and investment.
Following confirmation of the CIC-South East Region’s status as a full Economic Partner at the Annual Meeting, the Committee will be represented on the Assembly by Graham Anderson , the Chairman of CIC-South East. Graham has been attending recent Assembly meetings as an observer to fully understand the workings of the Assembly. With confirmation of the RICS-South East Region’s Assembly membership on the same day, CIC is looking forward to a substantially strengthened relationship between the Built Environment sector and SEERA in the future.