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CIC announces DQI brand refresh

Posted: 30th September 2013

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) announces DQI brand refresh -

With over 1,400 projects benefiting from the Design Quality Indicator (DQI) in the past 11 years, and with interest in both Design Quality and Post Occupancy Evaluation on the increase, the Construction Industry Council has decided to refresh the brand and launch a new website:

The announcement coincides with CIC’s 25th Anniversary celebrations in 2013.

On the importance of the Design Quality Indicator Jack Pringle, CIC Chair said:

DQI will continue to play a major part in the Industry. Design professionals in the sector are always looking at ways to improve their solutions for Clients and users. DQI is an objective process which can add value be it in the setting of initial design aspirations and in the capturing of user feedback, post occupancy.”

Graham Watts, CIC Chief Executive added:

The CIC has owned and managed the DQI since its inception in 1999, which was due to the simple desire to create a measurement tool for design quality to sit alongside KPIs for cost, time and productivity. The tool has been refined and developed over the years and used on over one thousand projects worldwide, each iteration taking it closer to our ideal of a simple process that engages all stakeholders in a facility or building from the outset, from the most experienced member of the design and construction team to the eventual users of the facility. This latest refresh continues that journey towards integration of design intentions into operational success.”