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CIC announces the names of its new BIM2050 Group members

Posted: 26th March 2015

The new members of the BIM2050 Group met each other and some of the out-going group members for the first time yesterday, at an event that marked the start of the new group’s two year tenure.

Made up of 14 young professionals representing most corners of the industry from a broad cross section of specialisms, the group includes architects, engineers, contractors, legal professionals and surveyors, all representing their respective professional institutions.

The members of the new (and second only) BIM2050 Group are: Tom Bartley (ICE); Sarah Birchall (BSRIA); Bobby Chakravarthy (APS); Henry Fenby-Taylor (LI); Adam Golden (ICES); David Knight (IstructE), Alex Lubbock (CIOB), Alex MacLaren (RIBA), Mac Muzvimwe (RICS), Charlie Murray (CIBSE); Daniel Rossiter (BRE); Ryan Tennyson(CIAT); with Will Hackney (CIOB) and Dwight Wilson (CIBSE) as acting stand-ins.

Speaking at the event two of the new members had this to say:

“CIC BIM 2050 Group offers an opportunity to make a change in the construction industry. We need to deliver better assets that are energy efficient, effective and reduce the amount of CO2 emissions we are emitting into the environment. Being part of this group is an exciting challenge for me and I look forward to getting started.” Dr Sarah Birchall, Senior Consultant, BSRIA.

“The thing that particularly struck a chord with me from the BIM2050 group 2014 report was Neil Thompson's statement on attracting the best people into the industry. As a university tutor I see young people full of inspiration and aspiration, being taught the 'same old same old' techniques in artificial silos of specialist courses. Their enthusiasm is dulled and they inherit protectionist ideas about defending their professional group. I want to see us educating teams, together, across disciplines, allowing students to learn from each other and building trust and cross-competencies for our future industry. And for me this change of perspective is essential to the success of UK plc in 2050. I think change will come very fast when we educate well. Those entering the industry with enthusiasm and the right tools for collaboration, will be able to work with experienced senior colleagues to format existing knowledge in new shared-platform ways- and suddenly there we are- level 3.” Alex MacLaren, RIBA/RIAS Chartered Architect and fellow of the RSA.

Also at the launch were David Philp, Chair of the out-going group who encouraged the new members to “challenge everything that’s out there and especially the current behaviours”; Neil Thompson, former Vice Chair, and now Chair of the new group; and Louise Clarke, Chair of the 2050 Group which will be working collaboratively with its BIM2050 colleagues.

The group will meet in the coming weeks to plan its strategy and priorities going forward.