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CIC appoints new chair for its ADR Management Board

Posted: 4th February 2021

CIC has appointed Matt Molloy as the new chair of their Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) Management Board. Matt has extensive experience in dispute resolution and has been appointed in over 800 construction and engineering disputes.

Adjudication is a process designed to help resolve disputes cheaply and efficiently and if a contract does not contain an adjudication procedure then the parties may apply to CIC to nominate an adjudicator from the CIC Register of Adjudicators. The ADR Management Board oversees the operations of the CIC as an Adjudicator Nominating Body (ANB), including maintaining the Register of Adjudicators and making nominations.

CIC Chief Executive Graham Watts OBE said of the new appointment; “We are delighted to welcome Matt in his new role as chair of the ADR Management Board, Matt’s wealth of experience made him the ideal candidate for this position and we at CIC look forward to working with him. I would also like to thank the outgoing chair, Niall Lawless, for his immense contribution over the past six years”.

Matt Molloy said of his appointment; “I’m delighted to be selected as Chair of the CIC of the ADR Management Board. I’m a firm believer that ADR has a key role to play in adding value to the construction industry. Disputes are inevitable. In an ideal world, the protagonists are able to resolve their differences without recourse to formal dispute resolution. When this is not possible it is important that disputes can be resolved in a timely and cost effective way. The industry needs to have confidence that the individuals who are selected to assist in the resolution of their disputes, either as part of an avoidance or resolution strategy, are competent to do so. This is where industry wide bodies such as the CIC can assist by the sharing of knowledge and best practice to ensure that the integrity of the ADR services which are available is preserved and is fit for purpose, not just now, but in the future. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to contribute to this in my new role.”

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