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CIC celebrates its 30th year by initiating a Roadmap for Change

Posted: 15th November 2018

CIC turned 30 on 1 November and is celebrating its 30th year by looking forward to how we can make our industry, the industry of choice in the next 30 years by producing a ‘Roadmap for Change’. The roadmap will explore working practices and inclusive environments both culturally and physically.

To kick-start this work we are asking those within the Built Environment how they would like to see the industry change within the next 30 years by taking a short survey. Our ambition is that everyone within the industry from students to retirees completes the survey to help us get a robust picture of the sector and build on future aspirations in the roadmap.

CIC is also running a social media campaign #CICat30 encouraging everyone to celebrate what is great about the industry and also gather suggestions about how it could be improved in the future. We want to champion the industry and also look to the future and voice what we want to see in the world rather than looking backwards. We are asking for you to share video clips across social media of up to 30 seconds using the #CICat30, answering two questions we have posed; 1) What do you love about Construction and the Built Environment and 2) What is the biggest challenge the industry needs to address to make it the industry of choice in the next 30 years? Some of the videos we have recieved already can be seen on our youtube channel.

CIC Chairman Prof John Nolan said of the anniversary; “I am delighted to be chair of CIC during this celebratory time. It’s fantastic to think that CIC has helped bring cohesion to the industry for 30 years now and still lives by its tag line ‘Built Environment Professions Together’. It is great that CIC has chosen to mark its 30th year by celebrating our industry and exploring ways to make it the best industry for everyone in it. I look forward to the ‘Roadmap for Change’ report next year and many more years of CIC playing its vital role in the industry.”

Maria Coulter, CIC Board Member and Chair of the CIC’s Diversity and Inclusion Panel says of the #CICat30 Campaign; “30 years may feel like a long time but 30 years ago I started my career in Construction. It has changed a lot in some ways and in others we are still trying to solve issues that were highlighted when I was at University.

I’m really excited about this campaign, it’s a great opportunity to find out from the people on the ground what their experiences are and what challenges we need to solve to make it an industry of choice in the next 30 years. We also want to hear about what is working in organisations to attract the next generation and prevent the good people we do have from leaving.”