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CIC Chief Executive chairing new CLC Brexit workstream

Posted: 14th August 2020

Working with BEIS, the Construction Leadership Council has agreed to set up a series of Workstreams to look at key issues relating to BREXIT.

The five workstreams are:

  • Movement of People – Chaired by Graham Watts (CIC)
  • Movement of Goods and Materials – Chaired jointly by John Newcomb (BMF) and Peter Caplehorn (CPA)
  • Standards and Alignment – Chaired by Peter Caplehorn (CPA)
  • Data Adequacy – Chaired jointly by Amy Chapman (MACE) & Celia Carlisle (Tideway)
  • Procurement and contractual – Merged with the CLC Business Models/Fair Practices workstream chaired by Steve Bratt (ECA).

As can be seen, Graham Watts has been asked to chair the Movement of People workstream. The initial terms of reference for the group are:

  • New immigration rules (VISAs, costs, temporary worker route)
  • Business awareness of pre-settled and settled status deadlines
  • Alternative labour supply/s
  • Access to skills and reciprocal arrangements (on skills and qualifications) in new trade deals

If any CIC members would like to get involved in any of the CLC Brexit workstreams, please get in touch with Graham Watts at