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CIC Education & Skills – an opportunity to transform our world

Posted: 19th January 2010

There are a number of ongoing projects developed and implemented by the ConstructionSkills team at CIC which are designed to engage with young people throughout the country to provide guidance on the various careers within the built environment professions.

To work hand in hand with these projects, a careers pack has been developed to provide detailed information on professional careers within the construction industry.

The pack includes guides, information and tips on job roles within the categories of spatial design, engineering, surveying, management and planning. The careers pack also includes quizzes, puzzles and charts to further engage young people.

In addition, material has also been developed to compliment the careers guidance DVD, Building Visions. The material is designed to assist teachers and careers guidance officers to get the very best out of theDVD and therefore ensuring that students have a full understanding of what is available to them in the built environment.

Building Visions can be viewed on