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CIC host successful Low Carbon in Construction conference

Posted: 19th October 2010

Chaired by CIC Chair Gordon Masterton the event was well received with delegates from across the industry. After an initial overview of the interim findings of the IGT report delivered by the Chief Construction Advisor Paul Morrell OBE the conference focused on the challenges ahead aimed particularly at the professions and asked the question “ what are the changes needed in professional culture and skills to meet these challenges?”

The findings of the interim report pointed to many challenges ahead for clients, consultants and contractors in order to deliver on the commitment for 2050, emerging findings from the conference suggest that CIC and its key members focus on:
• helping professionals learn how to provide net-zero buildings and infrastructure;
• building new knowledge and ways of working, including raising skill levels and rapid generation of new standards and codes. Carbon accounting will be one such new area of practice;
• reforming the industry’s structure and practice as part of meeting the low-carbon challenge. This includes defining effective collaboration and integration;
• Integrating FM into the design-build process and making feedback normal;
• helping consultancies to decarbonise their own businesses; and
• overcoming the silo tendency of professional institutions, integrating policy, knowledge management and CPD offerings.