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CIC Launches BIM 2050 Group

Posted: 17th January 2013

The breakfast launch of the BIM2050 by the CIC at the Building Centre in London yesterday, was delivered to a packed auditorium with standing room only from the start of the presentations. The event was opened by Peter Hansford, Chief Construction Adviser who emphasised the importance of BIM going forward for the industry as a whole, the need to ensure that we prepare for the future now, and the importance of young professionals who will be delivering these future strategies. David Philp, BIM2050 Group Chair and Head of BIM Implementation at the Cabinet Office then introduced the group which is made up of 17 leading young professionals representing most corners of the industry from a broad cross section of specialisms - and includes architects, engineers, contractors, legal professionals and surveyors, all representing their respective professional institutions. See attachment for profiles. Several speakers from the newly formed BIM 2050 Group went on to make a series of presentations about BIM 2050 initiatives. The Group’s objective is to develop a culture which enables a digitally integrated approach to positively impact our built environment going forward. To this end they announced their intention to focus on three main areas that they have identified as key priorities: * Education & Skills - to focus on both formal and vocational education whilst highlighting the skills needed for a life long career in the built environment * Culture of Integration - to promote beliefs, values and behaviours in construction Industry stakeholders (both individuals and organisations) which facilitate trust and information sharing * Technology & Process - to liberate the benefits that technology can bring to our built environment. We are happiest at our most productive and enabling our processes to be agile will deliver improved outcomes. Their reports will provide an assessment of the current situation and a proposal for future development. The Group will not only focus inwards within the construction industry, but also reach out to other sectors and industries to integrate any parallels they find. The BIM 2050 Group's terms of reference: # To improve image and efficiency of the construction industry. # Promote shared knowledge and be an active forum for like minded industry professionals to collaborate. # Develop and review strategic scenarios for the future of the construction industry # Offer unique perspectives and critical thought leadership to challenge the construction industry. # Disseminate information to help positively shape the future of the construction industry # To take a wide view of the industry and research what an interdisciplinary scope of work may look like as technology develops.