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CIC launches health and safety good practice guide

Posted: 15th June 2011

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) Health & Safety Panel has been working with Atkins, as the founding member of the Consultants Health and Safety Forum, the Construction Clients’ Group and the Health & Safety Executive to deliver guidelines which will show construction industry professionals how to engage with their clients on the importance of demonstrating leadership in health and safety on their projects.

The booklet, entitled Client Leadership on Health and Safety, will be distributed across the UK and internationally via the members of the Consultants Health & Safety Forum to their operations in the Middle East, North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Richard Hulland, Atkins’ Group Director of QSE (Quality Safety Environmental) said: “These guidelines will prompt an open and honest dialogue with our clients at the early stages of a project which is an important aspect of risk management.
A proactive client with the right attitude, behaviour and interest for health and safety can have a positive impact on a project in reducing the number of serious accidents, increasing near miss reporting and increasing awareness of unsafe behaviour on site.”

Philip White, Chief Inspector of Construction at the Health & Safety Executive said,
HSE recognises the importance of the client in planning for health and safety at an early stage in a construction project. We therefore welcome the leadership of CIC and CCG in producing guidance for construction professionals engaging with this important group.

Client leadership on health and safety emphasises the importance of the client formulating a shared vision and values that set high standards for the project. Active involvement and leadership by the client are essential for the delivery of a high performing project and constructive engagement early on of professionals and contractors is vital.”