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CIC presenting BIM at ecoSHOWCASE

Posted: 14th February 2013

CIC welcomes the opportunity to participate in ecoSHOWCASE’s sustainable construction exhibitions’ programme for 2013, with a series of BIM seminars to help provide greater access for businesses to the benefits of adopting BIM.

The digital age is revolutionising all areas of our lives and BIM is the digital revolution that is taking place right now in the construction industry. Its widespread adoption is initially estimated to provide £2bn per annum in savings to UK Construction and its clients. The UK public sector is responsible for 30% of the construction industry’s output and BIM is viewed by government as a means by which it can reduce capital cost and the carbon burden from the construction and operation of the built environment by 20 per cent.

At the ecoSHOWCASE seminars, CIC experts will explain the Government’s BIM policy, the benefits of BIM to the industry as a whole and how industry members can engage with the newly created BIM Regional Hubs which have been established across the nations and regions of the UK. Case studies will be used to illustrate experiences in implementing BIM; what business considerations are involved, how information management processes changed, the legal implications and many other relevant influences that can have an effect or be affected by the BIM context.

The speakers at these events will be Steve Race, BIM Regional Ambassador or one of CIC’s local BIM Regional Hub Champions, who act as the conduit for a unified and co-ordinated package of information which will allow dissemination of the Government’s BIM Programme at a local level.

Visit to see the full calendar and register for free tickets.