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CIC Produces Election Manifesto for the Built Environment

Posted: 11th March 2010

CIC has produced a Manifesto for prospective parliamentary candidates setting out the need for investment in the built environment.

The CIC Manifesto highlights two areas in which construction is paramount – stimulating investment and delivering the low carbon economy.

Responsible for 8% of GDP, the construction industry employs 2.8 million people.

This dynamic sector of the economy can be a major catalyst for stimulating economic growth so that investment in the built environment spreads the benefits of an economic stimulus to all parts of the UK.

It is also the major hidden employer in every parliamentary constituency. The back page of the Manifesto sets out ten key points for politicians to consider.

Graham Watts, Chief Executive of CIC, said, “The construction industry wants to establish in all new Parliamentarians’ minds the significance of the construction industry in their constituencies and to work with Government in building prosperity for the future through a programme of carefully targeted investment, maintenance and refurbishment within the context of the challenges offered by a low carbon economy.”
To download a copy of the CIC Manifesto, visit the CIC