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CIC publishes Users’ Guide to Adjudication: Ireland

Posted: 26th July 2017

CIC has published a Users’ Guide to Adjudication: Ireland. The Users’ Guide is for participants in adjudication, specifically in Ireland, conducted under the Construction Contracts Act 2013. Adjudication was envisaged as a process that the construction industry could use with or without external professional assistance. When introduced in other jurisdictions, adjudication has quickly come to dominate construction industry alternative dispute resolution.

The CIC Users’ Guide provides a general introduction to adjudication in the context of construction contracts, and in particular the right to adjudication in Ireland. It will help novice users to understand how adjudication works, and to decide if it is a process that can help them. The Users’ Guide takes readers through the essential steps in the adjudication and the decision making process. Whether you wish to take a dispute to adjudication, or have received a notice of adjudication, it is hoped that this Guide will assist you.

Niall Lawless Chair of the Users’ Guide to Adjudication: Ireland drafting panel said, “The CIC Users’ Guide to Adjudication: Ireland is a revised version of the guidance produced for adjudication in the UK available since 2003. Dispute Resolution Professionals are often asked to provide information on adjudication. Indeed as adjudicator in the UK and Northern Ireland several times I have been asked by one of the parties to explain what they should do next. Whereas it is not in the role of the adjudicator to advise parties, I have referred parties to the CIC Users’ Guide to Adjudication.

The new User’s Guide to Adjudication: Ireland will not only assist novice users, but as it contains copies of the relevant legislation it will also be a resource benefiting experienced practitioners.

On behalf of the CIC I would like to express my gratitude to Gillian Birkby, James Bridgeman, Anthony Hussey, Damien Keogh, Niav O’Higgins and Adam Williamson for their work preparing the Users’ Guide to Adjudication: Ireland.”

The Users’ Guide to Adjudication: Ireland is available for free download from CIC’s website here.