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CIC to establish BIM Regional Hubs

Posted: 10th May 2012

The Construction Industry Council is in the process of establishing Building Information Modelling (BIM) Regional hubs in partnership with the Government’s BIM Task Group.
11 Regional BIM hubs will be launched in autumn 2012 in order to raise awareness and the benefits of BIM to the industry as a whole and facilitate the early adoption of BIM processes and working methods throughout the UK’s construction industry
Regional BIM champions will be identified in each nation and region as the conduit for a unified and co-ordinated package of information which will allow dissemination of the programme at a local level. Through engaging with the industry at grass roots they will also provide valuable feedback to the BIM core team.

Regional BIM champions most likely to act as chairs of the national and regional hubs, will act as local links within the nations and regions; and will act as a conduit of information exchange, signpost interested employers to BIM buddies (practitioners already active in the field of BIM); and provide a valuable source of information to feedback to the central BIM teams on progress.

In the interim period current CIC Nations’ and Regional Chairs will act as the initial point of contact until a suitable BIM champion is elected in each nation and region.
The objectives of the Regional BIM Hubs will be to:
• Interface with the core team and the emerging legacy support organisation to raise awareness of the BIM programme and its requirements
• Act as a conduit for relevant information on the programme to ensure a consistent and contextualised message is disseminated
• Enable regional engagement in national discussions
• Encourage the sharing of BIM knowledge and best practice within the networks
• Facilitate regional collaborative activity to support the development of the supply chain’s BIM capabilities
• Provide linkage with the GCS BIM Task Group and the CIC BIM Forum
• Provide valuable feedback to the core team
Graham Anderson, CIC Nations & Regions Champion and Chair of the Nations & Regions, and London & South East committee said: “The Regional Committees have welcomed the chance to be involved in helping to establish the BIM Regional Hubs at grassroots level. The Committees already aim to be inclusive of the whole industry and we hope the Hubs will enable us to reach out even further to a wider audience. CIC has an established network of active committees in the Nations and Regions who with their great passion and enthusiasm, will be the driving force for this important Project.”
CIC Chief Executive Graham Watts said: ‘The BIM hubs will be the essential conduit for disseminating consistent and reliable information about implementing the Government’s BIM delivery strategy through to the nations and regions and filtering views from around the country – from SMEs, universities, the local branches of institutions etc – into the development of that strategy’

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