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CIC to Relaunch DQI

Posted: 4th April 2008

CIC have recently completed a review of the business plan for DQI.

In examining the current business case for DQI, the review focused on several key areas of the tool including; DQI objectives, usage, product, pricing, markets and marketing.
Our objectives for the business of DQI are for it to be successful, widely used and well regarded. The review has shown that whilst the concept of DQI is admired and usage had increased at an average annual rate of 60% since its launch in 2003, the core product is in need of ‘refreshing’.
The review has identified a list of issues and suggested remedial actions for rollout in 2008. Most importantly CIC will focus on completing the current programme of product improvements including:
• the improvement of DQI during Briefing
• producing new client guides
• new case studies
• refreshing the question set
• making the online toolkit user focused rather than project focused

The general product refresh will also examine alternative charging mechanisms, sector specific variations and a general marketing push to promote the DQI with a view to re-launching the core product later in year.
If you would like to know more please email William Hawkins, Policy and Operations Manager, Design Quality.