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Claims and Disputes in Construction

Posted: 12th January 2021

As the pandemic continues and a further lockdown in place, there remains a real concern that parties to construction contracts will become embroiled in costly and long-running disputes over the effects of COVID-19 on projects.

The Contractual Practices Working Group of the CLC Business Models Workstream recently conducted a questionnaire and a series of interviews with a range of leading industry professionals in the field of construction claims and disputes and contracting parties in the supply chain. Many respondents represent a significant client base from within the construction supply chain and across many sub-sectors. The aim was to help improve the CLC’s understanding on the impact of COVID-19 on contracts and the possible nature and volume of potential claims and disputes now, and in the future. A snapshot of current thoughts and perceptions is published in the summary note here.

The CLC continues to monitor the situation with respect to the potential for widespread disputes and urges all parties to act fairly and responsibly to preserve the competence, capability and capacity within industry to meet the challenges of 2021.