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Climate Framework launched by Cross-Industry Action Group

Posted: 10th December 2020

The Cross-Industry Action Group has today launched its Climate Framwork. It represents a new, transdisciplinary, and holistic framework for the knowledge base that every current and future built environment professional will need to be equipped with in order to halt cimate change and mitigate its adverse impacts.

Stephen Hodder, CIC Chairman and Chair of the CIC Climate Change Committee, said ‘The Construction Industry Council is delighted to support the Climate Framework. The Framework will equip built environment professionals with effective knowledge and skills to accelerate the transition to net zero carbon built environments. It fits perfectly with the work being done by the education workstream within our Climate Change Committee as it seeks a wide-ranging collective CPD programme for the industry.’

The Cross-Industry Action Group comprises a group of volunteers representing various professional institutes, and member organisations who have come together with a vision to unite the industry and academia, in the effort to upskill and build our collective capacity for climate action.

The first output of the Group - The Climate Framework - is presented in detail throughout this document.

Significant amount of input has been provided by academia and industry over a three-month consultation, which has helped the Cross-Industry Aciton Group to develop this Framework in great consensus.

It is envisaged that the Framework can be taken as the base set of topics by any organisation, professional institute, or academic institution to use, customier and to build appropriately detaield content - in line with their discipline, area of focus, and contextual priorities.

There will be a formal launch of the Climate Curriculum on 14 January. This is also when the website will be published, along with the more detailed (Tier 3 level version) of the Climate Framework structure which has been developed, in an iterative manner. More information will be available shortly.

If you have any questions, please contact Mina Hasman (