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Construction Industry Summit announces its two day programme

Posted: 10th July 2015

The Construction Industry Summit: Government and Industry Working Together is a major two day event in the 2015 construction industry calendar, taking place in London on 8-9 September at Grange, St Paul’s Hotel, in Central London.

Organised by the industry, for the industry, this flagship conference and network event, led by the Construction Industry Council (CIC), the Strategic Forum for Construction (SfC) and the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), will engage and empower stakeholders from across all sectors of the built environment to achieve and deliver the Construction 2025 vision. Leading professionals from across all sectors will come together to share best practice, challenge conventional thinking and learn from one another. Over two days the Summit focus will be on two main themes - GROWTH and PEOPLE.

Day One – Tuesday, 8 September

Following introductory addresses by eminent government and industry speakers, day one will look at the key drivers of growth to 2025; the growth opportunities and risks that lie ahead; Government as a Client and; how innovation will help us to achieve growth.

Presentations will be delivered by notable industry leaders and academics in their fields, with panels of experts providing a broad range of perspectives. Speakers include Dr Peter Hansford, Chief Construction Adviser; Rain Newton-Smith, Director of Economics at CBI; Mike Putnam, President and CEO, Skanska UK; Madani Sow, CEO & Chairman, Bouygues UK.

Day Two – Wednesday, 9 September

This day will be devoted to the people who make up the industry and whose talent and expertise it relies upon to deliver the Construction 2025 vision and its aspirations for the built environment of the future. How will construction compete with other industries to attract a mix of top new recruits? How will it develop their construction skills throughout their careers and retain expertise for the long term?

Keynote speakers include Adrian Belton, Chief Executive Officer of the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB); Jocelyne Underwood, Construction Membership Manager at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and; Jo Pottinger, Head of HR Strategy and Development at BAM Construct UK. The day also features viewpoints from new recruits on what it’s like entering the industry today and four women on the frontline of the industry’s diversity challenge show how inclusive strategies will help the industry succeed in a global marketplace, forecast to grow by over 70% by 2025.

The Construction Industry Summit is supported by the Cabinet Office and by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The latest construction policy announcements are expected to be made at the event.

The programme for the Summit is now nearing completion and can be viewed here.

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Twitter: @Summit2025

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