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Construction Manager achieves chartered status

Posted: 11th December 2013

The title Construction Manager has come of age, following a decision by the Privy Council to grant it chartered status.

Full corporate members (MCIOBs) and fellows (FCIOBs) of the Chartered Institute of Building who register their interest in advance will be able to use the designation Chartered Construction Manager from March 2014.

An alternative to Chartered Builder used by CIOB Members and Fellows since the Institute gained its Royal Charter in 1980, the designation Chartered Construction Manager reflects the breadth and complexity of careers within the built environment sector. It also signals the influence that professional construction managers have within, and beyond, the built environment.

The decision brings CIOB into line with long-running trends in academia and industry: built environment degrees are increasingly described as construction management courses, and career options range from design to carbon reduction, costing, procurement or strategic business development.

Achieving chartered status for the designation of construction manager is the culmination of years of research and development by the Institute, crystallised by former CIOB presidents, Professor Li Shirong and Professor John Bale, who set out a new broader definition of the role in 2011.

Chris Blythe Chief Executive at the CIOB said: “We are delighted that construction management has received the external recognition and validation that it so richly deserves. The title Chartered Construction Manager reflects the professionalism of our members and the influence they have on the built environment sector.

“Acting as an interface between disciplines and trades, professional construction managers are pivotal team players. Their contribution is critical to the successful outcome, as well as the quality and sustainability of any completed building.

“Securing Chartered Construction Manager is an important milestone for the Institute and its global membership. We expect that this internationally recognised title will attract a generation of newcomers to the sector, inspired by the variety of exciting roles on offer.”

The Chartered Builder descriptor will continue to be available, and members who wish to use both designations will be permitted to do so.

Full corporate CIOB members (MCIOBs) and fellows (FCIOBs) who would like to use Chartered Construction Manager are invited to register their interest by visiting