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Construction output grows by 1.6%

Posted: 13th April 2021

  • Construction output grew by 1.6% in the month-on-month all work series in February 2021, because of a 1.5% increase in new work and 1.9% increase in repair and maintenance; this was the highest monthly growth in all work since September 2020 when it grew by 1.8%.
  • The level of construction output in February 2021 was 4.3% below the February 2020 level; while new work was 7.8% below the February 2020 level, repair and maintenance work was 2.2% above the February 2020 level.
  • The monthly increase in new work (1.5%) in February 2021 was because of growth in all new work sectors apart from infrastructure, which fell by 3.4%; the largest contributor to this growth was private commercial new work, which grew by 4.0%. The monthly increase in repair and maintenance (1.9%) in February 2021 was because of growth in private and non-housing repair and maintenance, which grew by 4.7% and 2.6% respectively, offsetting the 8.6% fall in public housing repair and maintenance.