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Development of a South East Memorandum of Understanding for CPD

Posted: 15th March 2007

On 14 March the CIC South East Committee hosted a Regional Forum to raise awareness of the importance of the sustainable communities agenda for CPD and to discuss the potential development of a Joint Memorandum of Understanding for CPD in the South East.

The Forum, which was organised in conjunction with South East Excellence, RIBA, CIOB, the Academy for Sustainable Communities and ConstructionSkills, endeavoured to define a sustainable community, while setting out a clear and effective plan for future developments in the region based on the North West Memorandum which was signed in 2006.

Graham Anderson, Chairman of CIC-South East, introduced guest speakers Kevin Murray, Academy for Sustainable Communities and Sue Carmichael, Constructive Futures, the consultant employed to develop the North West Memorandum.

Kevin Murray, ASC gave an informative talk which identified the key components required to create a sustainable community. This included good governance, public participation, partnership working, excellent public services and civic pride.

Sue Carmichael, Constructive Futures, provided an insight into how the North West region has successfully developed a Joint Memorandum of Understanding in response to the Government’s 2004 Egan Task Force report. This Memorandum provides members of Professional Institutions with better access to resources, shared learning and the means to continuously develop generic skills relevant to delivering sustainable communities.

Helen Wren, Regional Director of RIBA, who had originally proposed the development of a South East Memorandum, explained her reasons for supporting the idea and spoke about previous initiatives undertaken in the region, including the development of the CPD and Events website (, which made this Memorandum a logical next step for the South East.

Members of the forum were asked to divide into three workshops to discuss specific issues relating to future developments. The workshops were
• Workshop 1: How might a Joint Memorandum of Understanding for CPD be developed and implemented in the South East?
• Workshop 2: How might this agenda impact upon and be incorporated into future CPD events?
• Workshop 3: How might a one-day pan-professional Sustainability event be organised?
The conclusion of the forum was positive and it is envisaged that regular events will take place to develop ideas which will enable an effective programme for sustainable communities to be successfully implemented in the South East.