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DQI Upgrades

Posted: 29th June 2005

CIC has completed some significant upgrades to the Design Quality Indicator (DQI) toolkit. The main change is the implementation of a new briefing tool which allows stakeholders in a building project to define what is fundamental for the building to achieve in order to fulfil its purpose – what would add value and enhance the building’s usefulness; what is excellent and would help to create a building of distinction? This process, called FAVE, gives clients, users and other stakeholders a structured way to shape quality at this key stage. These results can then be compared with traditional DQI data where a building or design is assessed to see how well it is delivering its original intent.

This new development is backwards compatible and can therefore be applied to existing data submitted to the tool. This update to the DQI has been made possible with assistance from the DTI. For more information, and a chance to use the DQI please or contact CIC on 020 7399 7424