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Industrial strategy progress report: One Year On

Posted: 24th April 2014

The Industrial strategy: early successes and future priorities progress report sets out in detail the major achievements across the 5 themes and explains the priorities for the year to come and beyond.

The progress report provides a timely update on the eleven sectors:

  • Aerospace

  • Agricultural Technologies

  • Automotive

  • Construction

  • Information Economy

  • International Education

  • Life Sciences

  • Nuclear

  • Offshore Wind

  • Oil and Gas

  • Professional and Business Services

​As well as an update on the five cross cutting themes:

  • Sector Partnerships: Providing support for all sectors to help increase global competitiveness, support innovation and maximise export potential.
  • Technologies: Supporting the development and commercialisation of technologies where the UK has the research expertise and business capability to become a world leader.
  • Skills: Working to deliver the skills that employers need, giving businesses more say over how government funding for skills is spent.
  • Access to finance: Helping businesses get the finance they need to invest in people and equipment and to grow.
  • Procurement: Developing UK supply chains and creating a simpler and more transparent public sector procurement system

​Further information, videos and the report can be viewed here.