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Innovation and Growth Team 2050 Progress

Posted: 19th April 2010

Following the first successful meeting of the Young Professionals Group in February, the group met again on 14 April to discuss their work further. The IGT (Innovation and Growth Team) 2050 group was brought together by CIC to help Paul Morrell, Chief Construction Adviser, in his review of the strengths and opportunities for the UKconstruction industry in a low carbon economy.

The IGT 2050 group consists of young professionals from across the built environment sector including: architects, building services engineers, energy assessors and housing professionals. The group’s experience and knowledge has been invaluable in working towards the common goal.

The group identified three very different scenarios for how they saw the construction industry in the period 2020 – 2050. The findings of this meeting were fed into the Emerging Findings Report. For more information on this please see:
The group have been exploring these scenarios in more detail while starting to consider how each scenario will affect the following areas:
• Industry/ Leadership
• Housing
• Buildings
• Infrastructure
• Future Skills

The task from now until mid June 2010 is to “test out” the scenarios for each area with the help of major stakeholders in the industry, adding credibility to the work and challenging the industry in their way of thinking. The group will also work closely with the five main work streams of the IGT to establish what is currently being done.