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NBS National BIM survey 2014 now open

Posted: 22nd January 2014

NBS have announced that their fourth National BIM survey is now open. It follows on from the National BIM surveys they have previously run and you can see the results of 2013 here here.

Since its inception in early 2011 the NBS National BIM survey has become a vital resource for UK construction professionals, as well as policy makers. It has charted the rise of BIM's use and awareness, as well as highlighting the challenges people face in moving to BIM. It has had support from a broad from a range of professional bodies including CIC.

By 2016 the UK government will require collaborative 3D BIM on all its projects. So it's vital for the industry that we have a broad, accurate and unbiased account of BIM adoption and maturity. That's what, with your help, the NBS hope to provide.

NBS will issue a pre-release report to participants; so if you take part, you'll be among the first to see the findings. You can complete the survey here. We do hope you'll take the time to take part.