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New CIOB President Chris Chivers inaugurated

Posted: 24th July 2015

“Professionals in the global construction sector consistently have a positive impact on the lives of people who they never meet,” said Chris Chivers upon his appointment as President of the Chartered Institute of Building.

“Great construction managers often don’t get the credit they deserve and as the new President of the CIOB, I aim to make it my business to increase the number of truly professional Chartered Construction Managers, so that excellent buildings become the norm in our future environments”, said Chris Chivers.

Speaking at his inauguration in Cambridge the new CIOB President outlined his agenda for the year. He pointed at the need for greater recognition of CIOB qualifications and membership worldwide saying “We need to build on the work we have done in benchmarking our qualifications to an international standard by influencing employers and clients in the markets our members work.”

Taking over from Professor Ghassan Aouad, Chris becomes the 112th President of the CIOB. “I never started my career with this goal in mind so it is a great surprise to reach the top of your chosen profession and becoming President is an honour that I am incredibly proud to accept. The CIOB Presidency is not only a leadership role but one of stewardship too. I know that I can continue to carry the torch and responsibility of the work that has been started on a number of fronts for the Institute.

“In my term the CIOB is setting its corporate direction which will take us up to 2020. Our strategy to expand the Institute’s recognition on a global scale will begin but crucially without losing sight of developing our engagement at a local level. We recognise there are plenty of managers in construction, and those on their way to a management career in construction, that could become a Chartered Construction Manager or Chartered Builder. Because of that we need to ensure that there is as much accessibility to a Chartered career as possible.”