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Projecting the Future

Posted: 5th August 2019

How does the project profession thrive in a changing world?

That’s the question at the heart of Projecting the Future, an exciting new initiative that has been launched this summer by APM. The recently launched discussion paper kicks off a conversation being led by APM through 2019-20 setting out six key questions for the future of the profession, a vision for how the profession might change - and the questions that we want to explore with you. Projecting the Future will be a “big conversation” about the project profession’s place in a fast-changing and complex world. Change is already happening all around us. The future could look daunting, but for the project profession, it shouldn’t – because projects are the way that successful change happens. Project professionals will though be increasingly be tasked with leading complex projects that deliver transformative change. To get involved in the big conversation, share your views on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or alternatively, email us your thoughts and comments to: