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The Bartlett 2050 Leadership Programme

Posted: 25th June 2014

This programme has been developed to equip a global network of built environment leaders with the ability to understand the world from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Graduates of the programme will have an appreciation of the long term impacts of the choices and decisions their organisations are making now, and be able to provide the leadership necessary to harness emerging opportunities in the future.

The programme has been designed to respond to the full spectrum of the built environment, as well as industries that interact with the built environment, including retail, insurance, finance, government etc.

For organisations that want to be able to tackle the challenges and harness the opportunities that will emerge in the future. this programme is unmissable.

Participants will come away with:

• an awareness of the issues, facts and trends likely to affect the planet, the built environment and their organisation

• a point of view about the role and responsibility of leadership in influencing the way things will unfold

• the ability to translate this awareness into strategic opportunities for their organisation

• the ability to transfer skills and knowledge into their organisation, driving forward the conversation about innovative and holistic thinking

For participating organisations this is a unique opportunity to acquire game-changing top-level insights that will turn the threats and uncertainties of tomorrow into clear opportunities and propel their organisations into the future.

There are 30 places on The Bartlett 2050 Leadership Programme and the inaugural cohort will be announced in July 2014.

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