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The Built Environment Professional Skills Survey

Posted: 22nd November 2003

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is undertaking a major study of professional skills in the construction industry.
The work will inform us about experiences of recruiting and retraining staff, challenges the industry faces in developing staff, and skills shortages and needs within the industry. This information will be essential for forward planning work to develop the skills of our industry.

This survey follows on from the hugely successful Professional Services Survey carried out in 2002. The Professional Services Survey identified the size, diversity and complexity of the sector. The Professional Services Survey found there are approximately 23,500 professional services firms in the UK construction industry, employing approximately 225,000 people, 38% of whom are full members of Professional Institutions.

The success of this project depends entirely on the response rate to this survey, both in terms of quantity and accuracy of returns. 15,000 questionnaires will be sent out to a targeted sample of employers of construction professionals in mid-November.