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The cities of the future

Posted: 9th November 2022

The Professional Master's Degree in Intelligent Infrastructure-Smart Cities of TECH you will learn about the main developments in this field

The future has arrived, and cities need an Intelligent Infrastructure to determine their functioning and development. Not just anyone can take on the challenges imposed by the cities of the future, experts are needed who understand their physical structure and, above all, who intervene with competence and continuous training in data processing, analytics, feedback and adaptability. With TECH's Professional Master's Degree in Intelligent Infrastructure-Smart Cities you can become the expert who will create the cities of the future.

With this program you will learn how to deal with unprecedented growth that challenges current development models. You will be able to adopt technological measures to manage this growth and provide adequate services to its citizens. You will understand the characteristics and nature of digital transformation projects in cities. This is an unbeatable opportunity to open new job horizons, which demand the skills and abilities needed to make a difference in the professional sphere and stand out among the best.

In recent years there has been an explosion of government, business and research initiatives that have resulted in an exponential growth of proposals, plans and projects in the field of smart cities. This programme offers you intensive training in this field, with an innovative academic course and an exceptional faculty with professional experience that will help you become part of these initiatives.

The big advantages of smart cities

Smart cities will bring incredible improvements to our lives. Their adaptability and efficiency will allow cost reductions in several areas. For example, the optimisation of city systems would greatly reduce the energy dependency of today's cities. The resources that are saved could be invested in the improvement of the cities themselves, leading to a better use of these resources.

The automation and reliability of systems in smart cities would also contribute to saving resources such as time. Delegating the management of cities fast and reliable systems such as artificial intelligences would solve hundreds of problems that currently exist due to the limitations of current systems. The cities of the future would be self-sustaining and self-regulating. Governments could focus their efforts on the management of many more aspects that help to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Safety is another important aspect that would be substantially improved in the smart cities. Human failures currently claim hundreds of lives, which could be saved in the cities of the future. Autonomous systems would make it possible to make decisions with complete precision to improve the safety of citizens. Their rapid response would also allow emergencies to be dealt with promptly, which would save many lives.

Re-Learning method

The Professional Master's Degree in Intelligent Infrastructure-Smart Cities by TECH is developed entirely online. During the 12 months of training, students have access to the contents of the programme at any time and from any device, allowing them to self-manage their study time with maximum flexibility and adapted to each student's schedule.

It has its own learning methodology, 'Re-Learning', based on asynchrony and self-management. The contents are presented in an attractive and dynamic way in multimedia capsules that include audio, videos, images, diagrams and conceptual maps in order to consolidate knowledge.

TECH Technological University

The TECH Technological University, the largest digital university in the world, is also the official online university of the NBA in Latin America. It belongs to the TECH educational group, a Spanish-owned multinational recognised by the Financial Times as one of the 200 fastest-growing companies in Europe. The company, founded and directed by Manuel Sánchez-Cascado de Fuentes, has also been considered the most highly valued Spanish technology company in the last 15 years.

Thanks to its fully digital learning system, it provides training to students from anywhere in the world. An international trajectory that has allowed it to become a benchmark in distance learning, with a catalogue of more than 10,000 programmes, more than 100,000 new students each year and 500,000 graduates from more than 150 countries.

Specialised, highly qualified postgraduate courses, they offer their students the best training programmes at an international level, being leaders in employability with 99% of their students working in the first twelve months, according to data from the consultancy firm KPMG.

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