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The workplace pension has arrived

Posted: 27th January 2016

The Pensions Regulator is warning small and micro employers to act now to ensure they meet their new workplace pension duties and put certain staff into a pension scheme.

Nearly six million staff have already been put into a scheme by the UKs large and medium employers, but the vast majority of small employers have yet to reach the date their automatic enrolment duties start – this is called their staging date.

For many small and micro employers, meeting their automatic enrolment duties will be the first time they have provided a workplace pension scheme to their staff. We know that many of the smallest employers are not organisations at all. They are individuals who happen to employ someone, for example a nanny, a gardener or a personal care assistant.

A step by step guide for employers is avaliable to all. The guide is designed to meet the needs of employers who may not have pensions experience including those with just one or two staff. It uses everyday language, is interactive and contains videos and infographics so that employers can easily understand what they will need to do.

The step by step guide also has a duties checker and we urge all employers to input their details so that we can send them information tailored for them.